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Staff and church officers are listed below.

Zion/CTK Staff
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Board Members as of July 1, 2019
Pastor: Rev. Jonathon Bakker
Associate Pastor Garrick "Ricky" Beckett
Zion Secretary, Tim Narr
Congregational Chairperson
Chad Roe

Head Elder: Kyle Camp
Treasurer Gary Hayes

Asst Treasurer: John Schimmelmann

Financial Secretary
Music Director
Margeret Polley
CTK Board Chairperson
Trustee Directors: David Coyne
Board of Education
Jill Davis
Board of Family Life/Youth
Luke Epple Jr

Board of Stewardship: Jeremy Couturier


Zion Lutheran Women's Group
Kathleen Nims

Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod U Board for 2019-2020 (LCMS U)
President Nathan Bublitz
Vice President
Kenny Morgensal
Social/Hospitality: Eli Nelson, CallieAnn Schneider
email CTK board
at christtheking@winntel.net
Kimmy Leiby
Kenny Morgensal


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